The year is 1983. Michael Jackson has just unveiled the Moonwalk to the world, McDonalds sells McNuggets for the first time, and a new audio format called the Compact Disc, or CD for short, is rapidly taking over the music industry.

In a quiet corner in East Yorkshire, there’s also a stirring within Hull University. Since 1979, a group of engineering students has been hard at work creating an audio loop system between the Union and The Lawns, student accommodation about 2.4 miles away from campus. It was in 1983 that this system was fully operational, and student radio in Hull began its life as University Radio Hull, or URH for short.

URH was a great success amongst students, providing live broadcasts of Student Question Time straight from the union as well as a variety of shows playing the best of ’80s and early ’90s music.

However, in 1993, the system failed due to the use of Coke bottles as insulation. Although the service was restored to parts of The Lawns, the station was the first student radio to be awarded an AM broadcasting license in 1997, so the loop system was abandoned.

The station re-launched as Jam 1575 after the license was awarded, and then-students Peter Jarrett and Liam Burke programmed Myriad, a piece of software that is still used by radio stations worldwide today, and founded P-Squared. Broadcasts continued fairly smoothly until a temporary break in 2004, when large-scale technical difficulties prevented the station from broadcasting.

In 2007, the station moved to an online-only service, as the AM license was deemed to not be cost-effective any more. Jam 1575 was re-branded into JamRadio, and the new site, www.ilovejamradio.co.uk, was the only way to listen to the station.

This site ran until 2013, when the station was shut down by the Union in its 30th year of existence. JamRadio was found to be accidentally in breach of its license agreement, and deemed to not be worth the investment that the Union provided. This provoked outrage amongst the student population, and steps were taken to try and re-launch the station.

With the advent of the 2013/2014 sabbatical team in September of that year, VP Activities Jamie Boote promised to re-brand the entirety of student-led media within the Union, and to give the radio a second chance. JamRadio officially re-launched as HullFire Radio in December 2013, along with this snazzy new site. Relevant licenses were purchased by the Union again in March 2014, and we are currently looking into where to take the station from here.

We currently offer a podcasting service so that students at Hull University have the opportunity to try their hand at presenting and producing a radio show. We also broadcast big University events such as the annual Varsity with Lincoln, at various points through the student election season, as well as a live announcement for acts at the End of Year Ball.

If you want to get in contact with us, please check out the contact page and we’ll get back to you pretty quickly. We’re quite efficient like that =)